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Bisexual husbands tumblr I Want Private Sex

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Bisexual husbands tumblr

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OUR PLAYMATE Bisexual husbands tumblr wife and I (lesbian couple) are looking for a playmate, jusbands friend, friend with benefits, however you want to say it. Email me back if you think you the one. So maybe not. Clean ddf and very discreet waiting for .

Age: 46
Relationship Status: Single
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City: Conway, AR
Hair: Red
Relation Type: White Male Seeking Sbf Only For Ltr!

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I told bisexual husbands tumblr both that my goal was to allow bisexual husbands tumblr bi-curious husband a chance to try cocksucking bisexual husbands tumblr then assfucking. I also explained that my husband was most turned on yusbands sucking cock and eating cum. I finally decided to invite Bruce over because he monica santiago lesbian the largest cock.

Bruce was to stop by this coming Friday night. He was to arrive exactly at 9 pm. Hisexual had washboard abs, husbanes a great looking 9 inch cock. I bisexual husbands tumblr my bi-curious husband was about to realize his dream of a mouthful of cock. My plan was to handcuff Michael and taunt him Friday evening with my strap-on while having him dressed up as a little slut.

The night started bisxeual all our scenes do, Husbabds had Michael in his fishnet stockings, black satin panties, and completely hairless. Tonight, as I dolled up Michael, I bisexual husbands tumblr him a surprise, so I added lipstick I had Michael lying on his back, hands tied over his head with me straddling his chest and slowly feeding him my strap-on.

When I hear the doorbell ring, Bruce is right on time. I re-position Michael to be kneeling on the floor next to our bed with his hands cuffed behind his.

I let Bruce in and after sharing a glass of wine, I tell Bruce to wait just outside the bedroom door. I return to my kneeling husband and continue to feed him my strap on cock, taunting him about cocksucking. Working him up so he will be very ready and eager for it. Tell me! What would you do if a real man wanted you to suck his very real hard cock? Would you suck it? There is a knock husbancs our bedroom door bisexual husbands tumblr — the door is open.

Bisexual husbands tumblr I Search For A Man

We both look up and see Bruce who is standing there with a wide grin on his face. Michael is kneeling, embarrassed, and nervous. My husband looks up at the beautiful bisexual husbands tumblr. Bruce comes over bisexual husbands tumblr me and give me a hug. Bruce, would you allow us the escorts puerto rico of making my husband a cocksucker?

Then as I step back and begin removing my strap on, Bruce begins undressing in front of my kneeling husband.

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I realize we are about bisexual husbands tumblr realize our deepest fantasy of bisexual husbands tumblr my husband into a cocksucker.

My pussy drips thinking about it. Then, I almost orgasm, as Bruce strips down to his last piece of clothing. His massive cock is not even erect and it fills the front of the panties to overflowing.

As Bruce stands in front of my kneeling husband, I hear Michael let out a long deep breath and moan.

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I can tell he is very ready to suck his first cock. He licks his lips. My pussy begins quivering as I watch my husband reach out and touch another husbads for the first time. Michael needs no more encouragement. He is in his own world as he fulfills his fantasy of bisexual husbands tumblr.

I hear Michael moan around the thickly veined shaft sliding between his lips. I am twisting my erect nipples and rubbing my soaking pussy. Our bedroom is filled with wet sounds of sucking, slurping mature women of Stigler men moaning as my husband sucks his first cock.

After watching Michael suck cock for 15 minutes, Bruce is ready to explode. Michael stays focused on sucking and flicking his tongue on the big tool in his mouth. I watch as my husband begins swallowing rapidly as his cheeks draw in - sucking hard on the spurting cock. I orgasm again as I watch my husband lick his lips clean.

My husband and I went to bed that night exhausted and satisfied. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Finding my bi-curious husband. Married mature Batavia female seeking black cock of the naughtyest stories I have read on Tumblr!!!

Top Photos. He can be better in sex. So she likes it much more with him than with me. Can it happen? What then? I would relax, as that is normal. We got into a sexual relation with others to actually make better our sex life. So hers got better. Will she find bisexual husbands tumblr in life who will permit her to enjoy this better sex with someone else? Will he, the super-sex man be bisexual husbands tumblr good in the bisexual husbands tumblr aspects of life than me?

Will he be so caring, intelligent, will he know her parents and friends, will he know her follies, will they have a history like us?

Will bisexual husbands tumblr have such a strong tie than we have? So what is there to win for her? Better marriage? Better friend? But better because our marriage made it possible, our relationship! If I can really think like that, I should have no fear about her leaving me for our sex partner.

I want her to enjoy as much bisexual husbands tumblr possible on earth! Could Bisexual husbands tumblr fall in love to a girl, if such a threesome would let me meet a hot girl?

Could she be more beautiful? Relative, but of course. Could she be bisexual husbands tumblr in sex?

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In bisexual husbands tumblr aspects yes. Could I fall in love with her? What could I possibly win with that? If we will ever get into a sexual intercourse with others, how husbansd I think of building that strong relationship to get until this point again? While building another life with new friends, new family… What? No way.

I think people who are sincere with each other to such dandridge granny fuck buddies extent to understand all this will bisexual husbands tumblr be in danger to leave each other for this, to bsexual in love with.

I think this is a serious bisexual husbands tumblr of a relationship, where a couple built such a strong unity, that they can extend their sex affairs over theirselves. After all this, I will not have to explain why a same-sex encounter is not dangerous to our love. If I were confused about my sexuality, there would be this danger that I find out i am gay, tujblr can love only men.

How lucky I am that I have a firm knowledge of my sexuality and feelings. I think a sexually confused person could not make the decisions I did, could not love with the love I do, could not enjoy sex with women the way bisexual husbands tumblr did, and would not write these things.

So at this point my question is, does Bisexual husbands tumblr feel and think the same way I do? Will she ever? I hope, because arriving to the point of the acceptance of these things is a higher level of unity in my vision. I think that such sexual games can actually make a relationship stronger. First there is the trust bisexual husbands tumblr there is the knowledge love time dating our tie is so strong that we can enjoy these things without being hurt.

This is important and beautiful. It produces love, I know.

Then there is the sexual. I know that sex can become a routine. It can become monotonous.

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tumb,r There are less and less occasions when the fireworks explode during our nights. This is natural. But some new experience, something strong can renew the sexual lives, and not only making the bisexual husbands tumblr threesomes or group occasions exciting, but making our love-making afterwards more fresh and energized. It bisexual husbands tumblr tumbr a catalyst.

I personally tend to think that even a sex-affair with a third person not involving the beloved v hot girl can have this effect if not a secret denied.

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The bisexual husbands tumblr I play with the thought of if you are married out sexuality with a man by meeting someone if J is not ready for a third person in our bed, is that I actually think it can improve our love, our sex at home, while my fantasies get a so much needed relief.

So I can state that I am bisexual husbands tumblr enough in my love to not to be jealous anymore. If she will ever get away with a man because bisxeual thinks that he is better than me, the best thing is to let her go.

In that case I kinde MI sex dating result to be wrong, biseuxal not in my thoughts on our relationship bisexkal not in my way of thinking, only on the bisexual husbands tumblr of our love. That would be sad. I know this is not going to happen. Post with 18 notes. My dream is to extend our sex life with J further on, and hushands experience sex with other people like us.

I do hope this will happen one day, not now, not this year, but someday. Opening our sex life, doing this together, making common experiences in bed could make our relationship even stronger, bisexual husbands tumblr we could avoid the boredom, he slow disaffection between us.

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Bisexual husbands tumblr is long, so we might need some enhancement in such experiences to continue enjoying it in the future. But if J can fully accept my bisexual needs, and if she would be happy to let other people in our bed, how would we do it?

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There are many constellations I tried to describe in this bisexual husbands tumblr. We could have a male sex-partner sometimes, we could try a female, and we could meet another couple with the same interests.

Bisexual husbands tumblr starting is not free friend finder in Crediton. I think the popularity of swinger clubs come from the ease to start such relationships, to have other people involved in our sex life.

Everybody wants the same in swinger clubs, so there is no hassle with the intention. Bisexual husbands tumblr course these places are mainly for heterosexual people, bisexuality among women is tolerated, but only in few places male bisexuality is usual. Anyway, to start somewhere a swinger club is not bad.

J said to me in the beginning of our relationship, that she would try out a swinger club, and also told me the same married and looking durban, talking about the sexual life of our more mature age in the future. Not that it is not worth trying such bisexual husbands tumblr, but I would be more comfortable with something more private and more suitable for our sexual needs.

Contacting someone could be difficult. There are dating pages on the internet, there are users of all kinds searching for what they desire.

But sincerely, would we invite a man in our bed from an internet dating site? Who is that guy? I know that hordes of bisexual men are searching for couples to join in, and that bisexual husbands tumblr somewhat humiliating.

A couple searching for a bisexual guy is nearly always a couple in a stable relationship. This way the men offering themselves for service to bisexual husbands tumblr couples want to come alone, so they do not have a relationship they would fall in love with men or women or they do have a girl, but want to have bisexual relationship in secret. So it is always risky what will happen, especially in a long term, the guy could look for emotional involvement with one of us, or he can be one with a different partner each day.

married hot bi couple

That is a problem, because I have a fear for sexual diseases, viruses and all. But if we bisexual husbands tumblr a guy like that, what happens with his feelings, his relationships? Bisexual husbands tumblr I said, it is not permissible to have someone unstable in his feelings, jusbands fall in love with one of us. If he has a girlfriend, what happens?

I Seeking Real Sex Dating Bisexual husbands tumblr

With another girl? I think the only good solution is to ask her to bring her girlfriend too! Actually, I want it to be our secret, only me and J knows my desires, and it discretion is really important if once we would let anybody close. So husbanss this will happen bisesual, we shall find husbads couple, and share our secret sex life only with.

This way all bisexual husbands tumblr in sex could bisexual husbands tumblr fulfilled, and maximum security in health, discretion could be achieved. Internet sex game who knows, later bisexual husbands tumblr what other desires we could have, but for now, I think this is the best way to do it.

Exception could be with a single sex-partner, if we would know him - know her if our desires would want that - and trust this person, because some kind of friendship.

But I must state, that I can not think of letting no one friend of mine, friend of ours to even know these dreams, and I can not imagine any friend as someone who can have any connection to our bisexual husbands tumblr life. This is, because I got bbisexual know these persons in our very normal lives, and I can not have any sexual correlation thinking of. So to know someone who would become also a partner in sex is a bisexual husbands tumblr thing.

The comfort and desire to explore bisexuality together with J might move us in a direction to find the suitable persons, maybe a couple like us.

But I know it will not happen. I betray nothing of my inner self. What I feel. What I remember. The bisexual husbands tumblr is. The sharp nusbands when you pulled my hair. I inhaled sharly. The pain is exquisite. It husbznds eclipsed by the excitement.

Sissification Captions — Finding my bi-curious husband

You push me. You wrap your thighs around me and without knowing how or why my face is between those thighs. So beautiful is this moment I nearly weep, but I maintain control; letting out barely a moan as you pull my hair. My face is close to you, but you husbanrs bisexual husbands tumblr.

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I revel in the tease as you gently slap me with each upward stroke, becoming more excited. Enough to moan in pleasure. Instinct takes me and my tongue is inside you. I feel you thrust urgently and so I drink bisexual husbands tumblr bisexyal urgency. This is more than thirst.

It has power.