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Dora explorer best friends

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All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Watch fullscreen. Dora the Explorer - Best Friends. Browse more videos. Playing next Dora The Explorer - Best Friends. Marilena Olga. Dora The Explorer - Dora Friends: Kids TV.

"Dora the Explorer" Best Friends (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Dora tells Padlock not to worry that she and the viewer will find Padlock's friend Key. The blue cursor clicks on Key in the flowers. Key was happy to see Padlock. Suddenly, Padlock's shackle releases, the latch dora explorer best friends and the gate opens wide.

Dora explorer best friends passes through the gate and then hears some stars. Dora noticed that the stars are exolorer hands for Best Friends' Day. Suddenly, Rocket Star shoots up and flies. Bes catches all sexyWomenpersonals in Plymouth ma stars and puts them in the star pocket.

Dora The Explorer - Best Friends - video dailymotion

After catching the stars and going past the gate, Dora had massage sensual massage figure out where to go. The viewer tells Dora that she needs to go to Rainbow Rock. Dora sees 2 doves sitting on a branch, they move out of the way to reveal Rainbow Rock in the distance.

Dora picks up speed by running and then Map pokes out telling Dora that Boots had to watch out for the crabs and their big crabby claws. Dora stops dora explorer best friends gets shocked. Dora dora explorer best friends the viewer "Crabs" expkorer the viewer tells it to Boots.

Dora explorer best friends Wants Dating

Boots knew he had to watch out for the crabs but hasn't seen any. But then, Boots saw the crabs. More crabs came along and made it difficult for Boots. Boots didn't know what to.

He dora explorer best friends to stop and think. Boots couldn't go around or under the crabs.

So, he had to go over the crabs. A group of vines hang over the path next to the crabs. Boots grabs the longest vine in the middle, takes a step back and frienda the bowl of chocolate with his tail. Then, he dora explorer best friends a Tarzan yell as he swings over the crabs.

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After that, he catches the bowl of chocolate and some chocolate lands in his mouth. Boots made it over the crabs. Boots was getting beest to Rainbow Rock. Boots saw rainbow Rock at the end dora explorer best friends a winding path in the distance. They were almost.

All they had to do is climb up Rainbow Rock so they can meet on top. Dora has to get out "una cuerda", a rope, so she can climb up Rainbow Rock.

Dora checks Backpack. Backpack tells the viewer that she needed "una cuerda", a rope.

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The blue cursor points to "una escalera", a ladder. Then it points to "tijeras", scissors and then it finally points to and clicks on "la cuerda", the rope. Dora explorer best friends getting the rope from Backpack, Dora has to throw the rope over the rock over to Boots but it was far. Dora calls on Rocket Star and manages to stretch the rope all way to Boots. Rocket Star goes back into the star pocket.

Dora was about to climb her side of Rainbow Rock when she heard Swiper. Swiper was on his flying bicycle. Dora stops Swiper by saying "Swiper, no swiping!

With Harrison Chad, Christiana Anbri, Jake Burbage, Oscar A. Colon. Happy Best Friends Day! Today's a special day for best friends to play together. Best Friends is the 17 episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 4. Dora and Boots plan to meet each other at the Rainbow Rock to have a Best Friends' Day.

Dora tells the viewer "Swiper is coming". Boots saw Swiper and he too said "Swiper, no Swiping! Boots makes it to the top first and then Dora gets exploorer the top second.

They both call. They hug and cheered. Dora had a surprise for Boots.

It was a basket full of strawberries. Boots had a surprise for Dora. It was chocolate.

Best Friends | Dora the Explorer Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

So, Dora and Boots dipped the strawberries into the bowl of chocolate and took a taste. It was yummy.

After that, Boots says that he loves Dora exploret Dora tells Boots that she loves him. They share a kiss. Dora tells the viewer that they always sing the "We Did It" song about what they did today, but because it was Best Friends' Day, Dora and Boots sing a very special "We Did It" song, which was about dora explorer best friends the things Dora and Boots did.

The song started where they climbed Tallest Mountain, swung from tree to tree, into outer space and into the bottom of the sea. Of course they will always be together, run, sing and dora explorer best friends, and so they are wishing the viewer a happy Best Friends' Day.

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