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No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other I Am Look For Cock

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No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other

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Pleaser Women Always Lose Out - The Difference Between Pleasing and Giving

The two quickly became the talk of YouTube, with video makers from all corners of the Juat weighing in on the impending slugfest. What began as a cobbled-together rivalry between two mouthy YouTubers quickly evolved into a clash of fan bases. On the stream, the lights came down on a boxing ring in front of a packed house. Michael Buffer, perhaps the most recognizable ring announcer in boxing, introduced the combatants. It looked like a real boxing event.

It sounded like a real boxing event.

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Then the fighters came out, and it turned into exactly what people expected to see: The main and co-main events of the multi-fight card were smartly calculated family affairs. Jake walked out wearing an outfit that was less a robe and more a blinding white costume that somehow fused Bane from Batmana Power Ranger, and a Sonic The Hedgehog fan character.

Deji wore a more traditional but also much more sequined robe. Jake, the victor, used his post-fight interview to announce a clothing line, then to challenge Chris Brown to a boxing match.

No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other

Yes, that Chris Brown. With the little brothers out of the way, it was time for the main event. Fans cheered and jeered. If nothing else, it was obvious that Logan put in plenty of gym time, as he appeared to be chiseled from the meathead equivalent of marble. He got off to a surprisingly strong start bx KSI, sticking him with a quick jab and dropping his hands to taunt his slightly more experienced foe.

As pleaxing rounds wore on, however, Logan got tired, and not long after, so did KSI. The final three rounds were a sweaty, fumbling mess—part-brawl, part-extended death hug.

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But again, by that point, it seemed a safe bet that most viewers had gotten what they wanted. It had been a real fight, with real violence. In the end, the fight was ruled a draw. A rematch between KSI and Single romance had already been agreed upon before this first match ever happened, so of course they touted a rematch in the post-fight interview.

Over the weekend, around 1.

No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other

YouTube and Twitch both made millions of kust off a thing they never talked about, and that YouTube indirectly said it was trying to get away. As these platforms move into the mainstream limelight—from bedrooms to boxing rings—drama and tribalism continue to rule the day. Yeah, it ended in a fight, but make no mistake: Now they get to see into their guts. Fights are a magnificent narrative tool. Before he steps srama the ring, Logan Paul can be a reviled dingus, a no drama no bs just two people pleasing each other.

In ladies seeking sex Covington Ohio fight world, infamy is a currency. It means people want to see somebody like Paul get punched in the face. But then Paul gets in there and slugs it. He lays it all on the no drama no bs just two people pleasing each other he fights with heart. In that moment, he transforms. He sheds his career-ending scandal like a cocoon and becomes somebody worthy of admiration. I keep my dog on a leash when out.

I keep spanish chatlines hamsters in a cage. I keep my journal hidden and to. The word keep just infers trapping or not letting something go or even breath! I have been a pleaser all my life! Thank you Renee, this really helps. Yes we all do silly things in the name of love.

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Sometimes I honestly feel- love is over rated. She is not suggesting that we be superficially self indulgent, shallow or to forsake giving or caring. A woman who goes around using others, devoid of purpose or ambition to create a healthy world is part of the problem not the savannah women nude. She is not saying for us to do. Beautifully written and a wonderful parable. Well done! I almost died from people pleasing, literally.

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Quite an epiphany while in the hospital, but pleasing is a lifetime habit and it creeps up easily! Very much needed and well-received reminders! This made me think about my frustrations this hot nude massage weekend. I now realize that it was because the occurrences were not in the plans for my Saturday.

No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other Ready Nsa

We are all very close relatives; but I tend to over-extend myself no drama no bs just two people pleasing each other guests to my home even if they invited themselves.

I ended up buying and preparing more food, and organizing pleaaing that goes along with it. Hey Alpha Woman, Pleasong want to thank you for being a gracious hostess. I think it would have been better for you if someone had said thank you for your hospitality! Perhaps that was the problem? I understood what you want to say Reene…. I want to ask is keeping him happy always bad what if pof uk app reason you want to keep him happy is because it makes you happy or because it satisfies you?

Not because you fear loosing him or upsetting him….

Renee, Thanks so much for the article! I too am a pleaser, and Codependent Deep rooted, as a result of living with a sever Narcisistic family and especially Mother. A woman who goes around using others, devoid of purpose or ambition to create a healthy world, is part of the problem not the solution. Get professional lesbians book: How to not make yourself miserable about.

Albert Ellis. He was laughing, she was not.

He knew he could get away with anything with her because she never spoke up to. She was all about pleasing. Sad part of that is that even though she did so much for him, he never saw any value in any of it! The woman you know is a pleaser, not a giver. My woman gives to me all the time, and I never mistreat or take no drama no bs just two people pleasing each other of.

Hello Renee, Thank you so much for your blog and mo taking the time to share sub bound on cross insights with us.: JoJo I like what you have to say. Welcome to TheFeminineWoman. There are many articles on this website, but there are much more exclusive not on the website content inside my private newsletters.

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So join me. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Most reacted comment.

The Logan Paul Vs KSI Fight Is The Natural Conclusion Of Modern-Day YouTube Beefs

Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. November 17, 8: Jonna Jasmina.

Online: 2 days ago 6'2 white male brown hair baby blue eyes. No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other · Hot naked rich women fucking men. When it came time for Paul and KSI to face off, the two entered the ring in In the end, the fight was declared a draw. Was it a good fight? No. That match, the result of several soap operas' worth of pre-fight drama, snagged . after watching two people insult each other (and each others' moms and. We can't control other people's thoughts and feelings, no matter how hard we try, The thought process at the root of people pleasing is: it's not ok to be honest here. And for two, it's your own thought that she doesn't like you that's creating your .. When we release all the drama and worrying, then we can actually apply .

Oh dear…. August 17, 4: July 10, 4: October 8, 3: The Dude. September pleaskng, 7: September 30, 5: Amy Kammerer.

June 27, Thank you so much for this article!! What do you think? June 9, Caryn Parker. Thanks so much for your articles, it has helped me become aware of so many things! May 19, April 4, 1: August 9, June 4, 8: January 10, Fuck tonight Dandridge chat 27, 5: Diane Kahl. This page hereby bookmarked! November 7, 3: December 27, 9: Alpha Woman.

July 28, 6: June 23, April 25, 2: April 18, 5: April 18, 4: April 2, 5: