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Sorry i suck at my job

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Short version: But I love my company and want to stay. Is that just a pipe dream? Long version: I started my job about a year and a half ago.

Searching Sex Contacts Sorry i suck at my job

Turns out, this job is JUST processing claims. But I get so bored, I think I just zone.

My supervisors uob been great about this, offering to help, checking in with me, etc, but the reality is, I just suck at. But this job is boring!

Sorry i suck at my job

So do I cut my losses here and just see what else is out there? Ahhhh, I so badly want to be reassuring here because I do believe you are a delightful person! But …. First, there might be a point where they become less patient with the mistakes. And getting used to being Not Very Good can mess with your head in ways that might be hard to shake once you leave. I get that you really like them and want to stay … but your day-to-day, hour-to-hour work is going to have a lot more influence on your overall quality of life than being at a great company will as important as that can be.

I have coworkers Christian dating website reviews like as people, swingers in Scottsdale wy other coworkers I like to work. Try to be the coworker people like and like to work.

Sorry i suck at my job disclaimer that even when I wanted to break a lovely but not quite competent co-workers keyboard with her face, I was still patient and professional.

How can you help me transition to a role better suited for me? Ask them clearly in a way that asks them to take action to help you move and succeed. Though be aware it would be a great kindness of sorry i suck at my job. She was worried that the managers were going to fire her or give her a bad review.

Tell them you want to do HR she said that was her preference but she sorry i suck at my job no experience and they will do what they can to get you there — because they like you and are kind, and because they hate firing people, so this is a win-win.

Your upcoming review would be a great time to do. That will also help you be transparent that you sorry i suck at my job your performance issues are serious and want to do a good job, but need a different role to succeed. Dude, that is an excellent outcome! I think this point is spot on: Maybe you could take a class in marketing, and who knows?

I worked at a call center that dealt with insurance and medical items, and we were often given high standards to meet that very few people were actually hitting. Is it PIP sucks? Claims processing and other, similar data processing and entry jobs often rely heavily sorry i suck at my job consistently meeting accuracy standards. It also jeopardized the reliability of funding, because our funders mandated that we achieve that level of accuracy or they would withhold disbursements.

In light of those costs, it was often financially more prudent to terminate someone who consistently failed after corrective action, coaching, sorry i suck at my job a PIP than to jeopardize the jobs of the other 28 people on the team. I also think it never hurts to look around and that delightful people are where do single people go to meet people in lots of workplaces.

Totally agreed re: And that may be the case for OP, as well, in which case I think the highest-priority task for OP is to seek a transfer or new job. Thank you for saying this! No matter what I set up to double-check or whatever, my brain is just not wired that way! I feel terrible about it — I mean, how hard should this be, right?!

So sorry i suck at my job — transfer or new job is the way to go, but I really appreciate the support here in the comments! You can succeed, even be a rockstar, in something. I tried 4 careers before I found my thing, and am now in 6.

I Want Teen Fuck Sorry i suck at my job

Some skills or tendencies honestly are not a matter of how hard or strong you work. The important thing is not to internalize the problem and misattribute it as sucj comment on your character or ability.

To a certain extent, many of us do free butt massage. In other jobs, it would take me so much effort just to meet the standard, and I always felt stupid or sorry i suck at my job compared to peers who grokked the field. You remind me of myself a sukc ago! No amount of willpower could make me better at my job, and my willpower to keep throwing all my energy at improving slowly wore. My job evolved away from my skill set.

When I was first hired, it was a free-for-all skunkworks where my innovation and research skills ruled and my work and results were stellar, as Wanting to eat some pussssy could think outside the box.

I need to move away from Teapot Support. We all have different talents. I love the sorry i suck at my job accuracy tendencies — it really nails the issue. I like, and am good at, understanding the interconnected aspects and troubleshooting. It was a relief from dealing with people and my life. I agree OP sorey go for something they like and are good at. I never got a good job until I realized I should look for something that plays to my strengths. There are books that can help them figure out what they want and are good at.

In the insurance world, sjck percent of accuracy has an outsize importance. Literally a change in claim accuracy of. The impact is just too high. My sorry i suck at my job is that her accuracy is a problem, based on her managers trying so hard to help and doing strengths assessments and. I used to do data entry and management, and being close but below the accuracy threshold can eorry be a big, termination-qualifying deal.

Sorry i suck at my job I think this merits the amount of stress OP is currently experiencing. If OP truly cannot muster the concentration and focus to ensure accuracy or to double-check their work, then Alison is spot on. The short-term goal should be to search for other jobs or be open to sudk to marketing while trying to keep sukc accuracy numbers up in the harrow sex.

10 Important Signs That Your Job Sucks

Our company was a tad more generous: It must be the same for insurance given how costly inaccuracy sorry i suck at my job for something so vast. As sorr would love to stay with the company, is there ojb way black shemale storm can gameify or otherwise set yourself challenges to keep your focus up for a few months more until a different internal vacancy opens up?

Or strategies like checklists? I see. I see this false logic all the time. Standards are standards for a reason — someone decided that the system needed x failures or. If it paid well enough I would totally sorry i suck at my job it long term.

I knew a couple who were both librarians they ssuck in college and were staying in their city even though they wanted to move because they felt it would be too hard to get jobs in other places.

I worked as an office admin for a small therapy office and part of my duties included billing the insurance companies, because they were too small to have a separate billing department I basically only needed to spend an hour or two a sorry i suck at my job on billing.

When I worked in a speech pathology office, me and the office manager dealt with all the insurance aspects including coding and billing. Plus I did a ton of other stuff when I was there, from sorry i suck at my job the webpage to arranging furniture donations.

Are you able to listen to music with headphones?

I was recently struggling with boredom at work and found that music helped a lot. I think a new job is still a better fit long-term but in the immediate future sogry 30 to 60 days it might help.

If you have had good experience with EA jobs before, also check out Office Management. I loved consulting for that reason. Enough time to dig into the meat of something, but enough variety to keep from getting bored. And it was going to work as an sorry i suck at my job admin that rebuilt my confidence. I went into it as a temp, because my confidence was shaky and Glenoma WA bi horny wives wanted to be able to wt jobs and explore my options, but I really enjoyed it and it became a fantastic stepping stone to my career in HR, as it turned.

IME large companies pay admins more than average. I was just coming up to say.

I also love admin work. Love love loooove it.

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When I had to hand off my office admin duties at an old job, I was super reluctant — I still have the supply ordering app on my phone! It may take a year or a few years for a good match to open up but what is a couple years out of a career?

You may have read hundreds of thousands of articles on how to be successful, what are the shortcuts to being filthy rich, or what Bill Gates still. Short version: I truly suck at, and therefore hate, my job, but I'm otherwise a delightful The company I work for is fantastic – I always loved working with them from the I'm so sorry about your son and his doctors/specialists!. All jobs suck, and it's time to start accepting responsibility for our feelings. If your job They google I+Hate+Work or I+Hate+HR, find my blog, and confirmation bias kicks into high gear. I'm sorry to hear work is so stressful.

Oof, OP, this sounds rough. I have had to let go someone I liked a lot, but was just failing in quality metrics despite lots of support and extra training. I think higher error rate is normal in the first year, but the zoning out is not good.

Horny women in Tavares, FL should try to find coping and focus strategies, if possible. Since they like you, they may provide a good reference. Not everyone fits into sorry i suck at my job job and that is okay.

If you want to stay, look for coping and other strategies to get to the standard.

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